Why a 4-day school week may be right for your student

Is a 4-day school week right for your studentIs a 4-day school week right for your student?

The 4-day school week concept was originally intended as cost-savings measure for cash strapped schools. But, a funny thing happened as schools nationwide began to implement the program. They found that a 4-day school week actually can provide significant academic and behavioral benefits to students, too!  

Approximately 560 districts in 25 states have one or more schools on a 4-day schedule. And, by lengthening the school day, it is possible to provide the same amount of quality instruction in four days.

The move is not without challenges. For parents who work five days a week, finding child care may prove difficult. And, while older students make the switch with apparent ease, the school day can be long for the youngest students.

The new 4-day school week, however, has already been providing some positive results for students of all ages, including:

Academic. According to recent article in Parents magazine, “Researchers from Georgia State University and Montana State University found that removing one day from the standard school week, along with lengthening the remaining school days, showed an increase in math scores.

The study, which was published in Education, Finance and Policy, compared test scores from the Colorado Student Assessment Program—specifically analyzing fourth-grade reading and fifth-grade math scores.”

Behavioral. A shorter school week can reduce the number of discipline referrals for students, as well as improve overall student attendance. 

The American School Superintendent’s Association notes, “In New Mexico, 18 of the state’s 89 school districts are on the four-day school week. Even though the schedule was implemented as a fiscal last resort, school districts using the shorter week have realized unexpected educational benefits, McCoy says. Attendance for teachers and students has improved…”

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