Parents interested in applying for admission to Back to Basics Private School for their child are invited to contact our school Director,

During this meeting we’ll explore your expectations, discuss information about your child’s current school situation and history, and determine any specific needs.

This is also the time to evaluate exactly why your child’s current school setting is not a good fit, and what specific educational goals are most appropriate for your child. You’ll also learn more about Back to Basics Private School and its unique 1-on-1 approach to learning and building self-esteem.

In order to be considered for admission, Back to Basics requires the following information:

  • Report Cards and Interim Reports for the previous and current school years
  • Psycho-educational testing reports if your child has been tested
  • IEPs for previous and current school years (if applicable)
  • Transcripts for all of high school up to the current year
  • Current grades from your child’s school, since the last report card was issued

Once this information is received and reviewed, our Director will meet with you and your child. If Back to Basics and parents feel there is a “fit” between your child and our Private School, a $2,500 deposit is collected and Back to Basics begins the process of selecting the right instructors for your child to ensure a good match.


To learn more about the unique academic advantages of 1-on-1 instruction offered at Back to Basics Private School, please contact us at 302-594-0685.