For some students, the actions, interactions and perhaps even the tumult of a traditional classroom make learning difficult and even impossible. 1-on-1 learning distinguishes the Back to Basics Private School and may be the academic solution for your child.

The benefits of 1-on-1 instruction are well-documented

In a 1-on-1 setting, students have the constant attention of the teacher so that they can listen and speak with much more comfort than in a group situation. Each child’s strengths and non-strengths are addressed more consistently and fully without the distraction of other students or the teacher’s compensation for different levels in one classroom. Each student can learn at his/her own pace and have the benefit of the teachers adapting to each individual learning style.

Back to Basics Private School may offer an excellent solution if your child:

  • has struggled for the past couple of years, regardless of school setting
  • has been diagnosed with:
    • Depression or anxiety
    • ADHD
    • Asperger’s Syndrome
    • High Functioning Autism
    • A learning disability
  • needs a boost in self-esteem from his schooling
  • is attending a private school that says this is just not the right environment, and/or has asked your child to leave
  • seeks a broader range of electives or Honors courses not offered at the current school they are attending
  • has a specific learning style that isn’t being met in a traditional classroom setting
  • is being home schooled and you cannot teach all needed subjects
  • may benefit from an innovative approach to learning at Delaware alternative schools
  • thrives with 1-on-1 instruction

We believe that every student deserves an environment conducive to his/her individual learning style. Our team of experienced instructors joins forces to create the unique environment where your child can learn, and also feel good about school. Once we achieve the desired results, after one to three years, we are eager for our students to confidently return to a traditional school setting.