Field trips

Field Trips and Community Service are unique ways to provide a learning experience for every child, no matter what his learning style might be. Research shows that these are critical tools for creating episodic memories that enhance learning through the five senses, as well as the emotions. We also feel strongly at Back to Basics about giving back to the community.

A frequent offering at Back to Basics Private School is a series of personal empowerment seminars for our students.  Dynamic speaker and nationally-known life coach, Joe White of Get Life Coaching, addresses topics important to pre-teens and teens such as peer groups, self-esteem, accountability, vision and goals, dealing with change and adversity, motivation, decision-making, and goal setting. Joe’s interactive and engaging presentation style have been proven life-changers for students.

Additionally, we provide special in-house learning events, “Education Fun Days” outside of the typical 1-on-1 learning environment. Through these events, students have opportunities to hear scheduled speakers, and to interact and network to build peer relationships while collectively learning new ideas and relevant, real-world concepts and applications with their teachers in a group setting.

At Back to Basics Private School, we embrace this research to help our students learn—and create memories that will last a lifetime.

“The teachers have extensive knowledge in the subject that they are teaching and they are able to accustom their teaching style to the way that the student learns best. The staff never fails to acknowledge their students throughout the day and enquire how everything is going. They truly care about your education, as well as your well-being.”

— Andrew Weller