Welcome to Back to Basics Private School

As a busy mom of four, I know that all parents want “the best” for their children. But, what if we’re looking at only half the picture? The best education is not just about the academics. It is about the environment. When searching for the best, we should also focus on the best fit.

At Back to Basics Private School, we provide the best fit for every student, because our goal is the complete customization of an individual school program for each child.  This is a level of personalization that is simply not possible in a traditional classroom.  And, for many students, the inherent limitations of the traditional classroom make learning difficult… and sometimes even impossible.  1-on-1 learning, however, may be the answer.

The benefits of 1-on-1 instruction are well-documented.  At Back to Basics, the 1:1 teacher to student ratio means that your child has the constant attention of the teacher.  Your child can listen without distraction.  He can speak and ask questions without fear.  And, his learning style, interests, and pace are his teachers’ primary focus, all day, every day.

This revolutionary style of learning emphasizes not only academic success, but also positive, mentoring relationships and social remediation.  The personalized curriculum, combined with a nurturing and supportive environment, inspire a true love for learning.

This environment allows students with social anxiety or other emotional issues, academic difficulties, or learning differences, to take a much-needed pause.  At Back to Basics Private School, we offer a safe haven where students can finally relax and learn to engage. And, when students are ready, Back to Basics teachers help each student reach his full potential.           

Similarly, for international students, the language barrier and rapid pace of an American school can quickly prove overwhelming and defeating.  But, Back to Basics Private School can create a bridge to a more traditional education.  And, when the student eventually moves on, he will do so on solid academic footing with complete confidence in his ability to communicate effectively.

To learn more about whether Back to Basics K-12 Private School is right for your student, call us at 302-594-0685. And, parents and students are encouraged to experience the Back to Basics’ difference first-hand by touring our school and meeting our faculty and staff.  Simply contact our office to schedule a visit!

At Back to Basics Private School, success is within reach!

— Juli Bennett, Executive Director