Raising an independent teen: How to STOP helicopter parenting!

How to raise an independent teen and stop helicopter parenting!No matter how tempting it may be to swoop in to rescue your teen in times of distress, experts agree that this behavior is damaging to children and to the parent-child bond. According to psychologist Michael Ungar, head of the Resilience Research Centre at Dalhousie University, “The point of parenting should be to grow a child who is capable of taking on adult tasks.”

Easier said than done, think many parents, who consistently tackle tasks the teen is capable of doing alone. So, why do parents engage in such a potentially destructive parenting style?

Worry may be the unifying theme that explains such …

What are YOU doing for Earth Day? Events and activities in Delaware

Earth Day Events in DelawareEach year, April 22nd marks Earth Day, the unofficial birth of the modern environmental movement. Begun in 1970, Earth Day gave a voice to an emerging consciousness, putting important environmental concerns on the front page.

The idea originated with then US Senator Gaylord Nelson as a way to infuse student energy with an emerging public consciousness about air and water pollution. And, on April 22,1970, 20 million Americans took to the streets, parks, and auditoriums to demonstrate for a healthy, sustainable environment in massive coast-to-coast rallies. By the end of that year, the first Earth Day had led to …

Failure is not an option: What parents should do with a teen who is failing (and doesn’t seem to care)

Failure is not an option: What parents should do with a teen who is failing (and doesn’t seem to care)In Sinking Fast at School: How to Help Your Child Stay Afloat, author James Lehman, says “Sometimes kids fall through the cracks at school because they’re having a hard time academically. Suddenly, the work becomes too challenging, and their classmates seem to pull ahead while they’re still trying to understand a certain concept.”

All students learn at different rates. And, there may be subjects or concepts that are consistently difficult for your student. But, when attitude and academics begin slipping in tandem, parents are right to be concerned. There may be an issue that your teen is not sharing …

Back to Basics Private School students commit a day to volunteerism at the Sunday Breakfast Mission

Back to Basics Private School students volunteer at the Sunday Breakfast Mission in Wilmington, Delaware.On Monday, March 26, Back to Basics Private School students and teachers joined together to get some much-needed volunteer work done at the Sunday Breakfast Mission.

Located in Wilmington, Delaware, the Sunday Breakfast Mission serves the homeless, addicted and impoverished through programs to meet their spiritual, social and physical needs. Under the direction of Rev. Tom Laymon, the Sunday Breakfast Mission provides care and support to many homeless, hurting, and hungry men, women and children. 

The day of service continues a long tradition of volunteerism for Back to Basics Private School students. At Back to Basics, we believe that community offers …

Is your child addicted to his smartphone? Here’s what parents need to know!

How much screen time is too much for kids?
Just how young SHOULD kids start using a smartphone?

What is smartphone addition?

Nomophobia (NO MObile PHOne phoBIA) is the term used for the fear of not being able to use a cell phone or other smart device. Cell phone addiction is on the rise, surveys show, especially among children and teens.

Addiction — to alcohol, to drugs, to a cellphone — is about soothing psychological distress. It’s using something to cope with a problem in life. According to Psychology Today, “Your phone triggered happy chemicals in your past, by bringing good news and social support. That turned on your …

At Back to Basics Private School in Delaware, National Music in Our School Month is just the beginning!

At Back to Basics Private School in Wilmington, Delaware, National Music in Our Schools Month is just the beginning!
At Back to Basics Private School in Wilmington, Delaware, National Music in Our Schools Month is just the beginning!

National Music in Our Schools Month was begun to recognize and celebrate the many benefits of music education. Started in New York in 1973, the event is supported annually by National Association of Music and by schools across the country.

Did you know, Music and language share a crucial connection?

In a recent article by Huffington Post reporter Rebecca Kin, she cites a new study from Northwestern University, which examines the impact of music education on at-risk children’s reading and language development. …

Afraid your child won’t graduate? What Delaware parents can do!

What parents in Delaware can do if they are afraif their child won't graduate.Delaware’s high school graduation rate hit a record high in 2017. The annual Delaware Department of Education reports show an overall graduation rate of 85.75 percent in 2017. While these numbers are encouraging, they still mean that 14.25% of Delaware high school seniors will not graduate.

If your student is in danger of dropping out, the time to act is now. 

Since 1985, Back to Basics Private School has offered an intensive, hands-on school with an unprecedented teacher-to-student ratio of 1:1 for all courses. Back to Basics fosters a nurturing environment with proven teaching and testing methods, as well as careful …

It’s March for the Arts Month at Back to Basics Private School

It's March for the Arts Month at Back to Basics Private School, Delaware's ONLY K-12 1-on-1 private school!Delaware Governor John Carney has declared March as “March for the Arts Month!” Arts are an essential element of a complete and well-rounded life and Governor Carney has called upon all Delawareans to observe the month by participating in or attending arts-related activities.

The “March for the Arts” bill was originally passed in 2003 when Delaware Senator Dorinda A. Connor authored Senate Bill No. 116, designating the month of March as “March for Arts in Education Month.” Since then, the month has been devoted to celebrating arts education throughout the state, as well as recognizing the critical role that the …